Lash Services

House of Lashes Full Set $299
One synthetic lash applied to one natural lash giving you a wake-up ready look
HOL Full Set 1.5-2 hours

House of Lashes fill 1 hour
2 Week Fill $ 75
3 Week Fill $ 95

Lash Addict Volume Full Set $479
2D-5D lash extensions
LAV Full Set 2.5-3 hours

Lash Addict Volume fill 1.5 hours
2 Week Fill $ 105

Mega Volume Full Set $599
Gorgeous, flirty and fluffy 5D-7D lashes
MV Full Set 3-3.5 hours

Mega Volume Fill
2 Week Fill $125

Hybrid Full Set $389
Mix with House and Addict lashes

Hybrid Fill
2 Week Fill $95

Crossover Full Set $150

Lash removal without follow up fill…..$40
Lash removal followed with a new set- Complimentary
One week fill for ALL lashes is…… $65

Winged Out $50
Lashes placed from the middle to outer corner of the eye 15-20 Lashes

LVL Lash Lift and Tint $150
A fabulous treatment for anyone who wants the big lash look without having lash extensions.
You can wear mascara with no maintenance and lasts up to 6-8 weeks

Party Lashes (2-3 days) $30

Strip Lash $25

Eye Candy Extra $15
Add a splash of color to your fill for fun

*Prices on maintenance/fills are based on 2 week fills only. Any fills after 3 weeks will be subject to $30- $50 increase in the price. After 6 weeks, it will be considered a full set.

Full sets are 2-3 hours that’s from a stylist book. We require a credit card on file to book the appointment that will only be charged on the day of service. Please be aware that there is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all services, without notice or reasoning you will be charged a 50% fee of the full price for no call/no show appointments.