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Meet Our Founder

"I have never gotten lash extensions before, but I heard and saw what nightmares they can be. House of Lashes is amazing. Evelyn, the owner is so detail oriented and patient. She's super friendly and you can have a good conversation with her. The office is really nice, very clean and cozy. She definitely knows how to take care of her costumes. The lashes come out amazing. I go every three weeks and they barely fall out. You also don't see any glue marks anywhere. I haven't worn mascara in months. If you are looking for beautiful, natural looking lashes, Evelyn is definitely your girl. You will not be disappointed!"

-Magdalena Wiater

"Evelyn is amazing! Her work is beautiful, I get compliments all the time! The ambiance is so nice."

-Elina Kazakevich

Gift card

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